Endless Fun for your Kids with Kidstream

By Renae Gonzales - Brentwood CA Macaroni Kid July 18, 2019

Oh Summer as a parent. It’s all about finding that balance of keeping your kids entertained while also trying to encourage them to still learn. Then add in the struggle of trying to get things done around the house while your kids are home all day and it seems nearly impossible to manage it all. Until I found out about Kidstream.

Kidstream Programming is award-winning and educational, with something for all ages and interests - adventure, sports, animals, dancing and much more! Your children can watch Kidstream on TV or stream on your device but unlike some other streaming platforms Kidstream is a safe, closed environment – you will never see commercials and there is no comments section. Some of the hit series featured include LazyTown, Zerby Derby, Molang, and The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss.

Our family was recently introduced to Kidstream and instantly they were hooked (and so was I). Finding shows that are age appropriate and offer some educational value can be tough. But not with Kidstream. They were introduced to new series after new series that they enjoyed. Their personal favorite show that they’ve watched so far: Science Max! They LOVED the experiments and thought the show was hilarious.

Within three minute minutes of the first episode they watched they were already asking if they could recreate an experiment- Cornstarch mud. How do I know it was less than three minutes in you ask? Because I paused it to see how long it had been and instantly got yelled at for stopping it. "MOOOOOM". That's how fast they were hooked. Cornstarch mud is a liquid when you pour it but turns solid when you hit it. It’s just cornstarch and water. The girls mind was blown while watching it change from liquid to solid plus they learned all about liquids, solids, and gases during the episode. And then the next experiment came on… creating rock candy… and they were asking all over again to be able to do it at home. Every episode we watched was like that. They stayed engaged, laughed, learned, and wanted to bring each episode to life by recreating what they saw.

Now, thanks to Kidstream, my girls work hard to earn screen time each day and I can feel confident that when they are watching they are still learning. It's my new summer secret weapon! 

Kidstream is available through cable systems (Xfinity and Cox), Amazon Prime Video and Roku for $4.99/month.

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I was provided product and/or compensated for my review of Kidstream but my opinions are my own. Educational TV is easy to gush about! 

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