SuperThings™ Rivals of Kaboom are already a hit with kids in the U.S.

New collectibles by Goliath Games are HOT NEW TOY for 2019

By Kelly Bevan McIlquham, Publisher, Berkshires Macaroni Kid November 19, 2019

Since the first set of baseball cards were sold in 1866, it is not surprising that centuries later the way to a child's heart is gifting them something collectible. And with the recent release of SuperThings Rivals of Kaboom by Goliath Gamesthat excitement is still palpable. Kids who were the first to get a sneak peek of these HOT NEW TOYS are going WILD already!

Part everyday item — hairdryers, televisions, strawberries, bottle-opener — part superhero or villain, the promise of epic battles and of course the lure of collecting all 80 characters (as well as their hideouts and super-powered vehicles) from Kaboom City, these miniature creations have all the elements of fun and adventure for kids of all ages. And a surprising bonus to these toys ... the educational value. Yup, you heard me correctly. Kids are using SuperThings to develop academic skills, that will benefit them in and out of the classroom, and they don't even realize it.

Here are a Few Ways Kids are Using SuperThings Already:

1. As Collectibles

First and foremost, SuperThings are a kid collector's dream. With currently 80 in all, kids were immediately searching for the infamous Ultra Rare Enigma, the Rare Silver-Finished Captains, and the Super Rare Golden Super Leaders. They began talking about the other characters they needed to complete the Cool Troop (superheroes) and the Mad Clan (villains), and they also began wishing, as they opened each "blind bag," for the archnemesis of their current SuperThing (Ace the tennis ball and Smash the tennis racket, Pow Corn and Sugar Rush, to name a few).

2. For Trading

Of course, with any collectible, there is always the desire to trade with friends. Be it the collecting of solely heroes or villains, rivals and teams or rare SuperThings, the toy testers immediately began asking their friends to trade. Some more than eager to swap with friends, others were a little more selective with their trades.

3. For Battling

My 7-year-old nephew never misses an opportunity to battle — with toys, with his sister, with me. And so it began, his quest to find an opponent to take on his character, confident he could defeat any who challenged him. And, of course, for some reason, I always lost.

4. Shh, Don't Tell Them ... For Educational Purposes

The first thing kids from age preschool to middle school did after they opened the SuperThings blind bags (and dare I tell you my high schooler and his friends did the same) was search the guide, included in each package, for their character. This required them to use matching skills and reading skills. Many sorted the SuperThings into piles by color, paired up duplicate characters and counted how many they had. There are also several benefits of engaging in imaginative play and storytelling that is an integral part of the fun with these new toys. Also, there is an aspect to these toys that can reinforce the skill of finding opposites in younger kids as the juicer can take on the orange, the bottle can battle the bottle opener,  the pillow will challenge the alarm clock, and so on.

No matter how kids use these there's one common theme, SuperThings are a hit and destined to become the NEW HOT TOY FOR 2019.

SuperThingBlind Bags are coming to Amazon soon, but you can get a Goliath SuperThings Series 1 Blister Pack HERE. And stay on top of all the SuperThings News, new releases, where to buy, etc. on the SuperThings Facebook Group HERE.

* I was compensated for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.