New Book Introduces Randy, the Badly Drawn Horse

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By Alison Wenger, Lebanon, PA August 19, 2020

Our family is reading more books than ever before, and we’re always looking for new suggestions! 

This week, we’re introducing you to Randy, the Badly Drawn Horse—a hilarious picture book that your little ones will love!

Randy is a child’s artistic creation who has never seen himself, but thinks he’s beautiful. 

Randy knows he’s a beautiful horse—everyone says so. From his silky coat to his perfect smile to his very name, reserved only for the most special of creatures, Randy is beyond compare.

As the book goes on, Randy catches his reflection and realizes he is not a beautiful horse, but discovers inner beauty and how things like friendship and adventure matter. A subtle, but important message for kids to learn.

With speech bubbles and simple text, along with cartoon-style illustrations, it’s a great read-aloud book for storytime. Beware of giggle-inducing fits if you read it at bedtime ;)

Randy, the Badly Drawn Horse is available online and from major book retailers.