Kick off Memorial Day at Berkshire HorseWorks

with programs for kids, couples, and families

By Berkshires Macaroni Kid May 17, 2023

Horses have been facilitating change for the past ten years at Berkshire HorseWorks, helping families and individuals navigate difficult situations, learn and grow in creative ways, and have some fun! As spring reaches full bloom and the Berkshires ramps up for summer, the Ranch will be offering exciting new opportunities for kids and families to learn, grow, reconnect, and thrive. 

Located in Richmond, BHW offers Eagala Model Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP), Equine Assisted Learning (EAL), and Equine Assisted Team Building (EAT) as well as recreational and therapeutic activities with horses. Funds from all recreational activities support therapy  and life skill development for those at risk with mental health and behavioral challenges. BHW recently expanded programming into the education space with Horse Powered Reading (HPR) and Math (HPM) to support those both in the community and visiting the area with academic needs.  

For families that just want to get outside and reconnect throughout the seasons, Trail Ride Lesson Experiences, Free-Range Donkey Play, Yoga at the Ranch, Art at the Ranch, and Hikes with Horses are available as outlets for the  curious and creative  animal -loving adventurers . After spending so much time indoors over the winter, it’s important to get out and play! These programs help support  the nonprofit’s work, designed to make the Berkshire community a more mentally healthy and vibrant place for everyone. All programs are held on BHW’s private seven-acre ranch. To learn more: call 413-698-3700 or email

Keep scrolling for descriptions of all BHW offerings. 

And don't forget, BHW is also the perfect place to have your next birthday party!

Below is a list of programs available for families:

Programs perfect for all ages

HIKING WITH HORSES • Need to reboot? How about a hike with a horse in hand! This activity is structured
for all ages and abilities. Immerse yourself and your friends or family in the magical woods while you breathe and walk with one of the therapy horses. They appreciate the exercise! Participants will wind over brooks and through fields to gorgeous vistas.Inquire about a meditation guide. 60 minutes, by appointment only

YOGA AT THE RANCH • Practice with the healing horses as they graze nearby. An all levels flow, meditation and mindfulness practice while you delight in the senses of the ranch, organic surroundings and horses around you. There will be 15 mins at the end of class for a short meditation and/or journal entry or bring a sketch pad. 90 minutes, by appointment only

ART AT THE RANCH • Mingle with the herd and allow them to enliven your senses through up close and personal interactions. Afterwards, you can sit back with a glass of wine and create.Open to artists of all mediums, by appointment, April – November. Please call to register. 60 minutes, by appointment only

FREE RANGE DONKEY PLAY • Take a romp with two miniature Sicilian donkeys. Groom, feed, and explore their personalities...Maybe even take them for a walk! They are very huggable. 60 minutes, by appointment only

IN THE COMPANY OF HORSES: Art Journaling Experience • Co-facilitated by Art Educator and Artist Keziah Kelsey and Hayley Sumner, combines art making with the company of horses, leverages the calming presence of equine friends to enhance the connection to creativity and self-expression, using a T.A.B. model to allow each student to enter art making at their own level, the program is especially suited to groups with varying abilities, backgrounds and goals.

Life Skills ProgramThis customizable program increases self-confidence, fosters creative thinking, encourages problem-solving, nurtures empowerment, explores effective communication, enhances time management techniques, develops healthy boundaries, strengthens self-care skills, cultivates mutual respect, provides a safe environment to have fun and build friendships, and more. 

Ranch Life 101: This program is specifically designed as a fun way to reconnect in nature, all in the presence of horses. Patterned after #family volunteering vacations where parents, siblings and friends can give back as they learn, work and play side by side for a common cause. Come for a true immersion in the “Yellowstone” like experience! For those who are considering their own hobby farm, come gain hands-on experience before you take the plunge.

Equine Assisted Learning (EAL)Workshops use the interaction between people and horses as the basis for personal growth, team building, and exploring group dynamics. 

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP): EAP addresses a variety of mental health as well as behavioral challenges ranging from autism to anger management to anxiety. 

Peace: Bully Prevention / Intervention Program: This program utilizes EAGALA Model Equine Assisted Learning to increase a child’s self-confidence, nurture empowerment through appropriate conflict-resolution, explore assertive communication, develop anger management skills, and provide a safe environment to have fun and strengthen self-care skills. 

Special Needs for Special People: Designed to address the main challenges and commensurate issues associated with those on the autism spectrum or with varying diagnoses. Provides a safe environment to explore, question, and realize one’s entire being instead of focusing on potential restrictions. Often used as an adjunct to or replacement for talk therapy

Sister Sense: To provide support for young women facing change, looking to ignite new perspectives and cultivate empowerment

Girls Rule!: Berkshire HorseWorks’ Girls Rule! program is geared toward young women ages 12-20, utilizing EAGALA Model Equine Assisted Learning/Equine Assisted Psychotherapy to help them learn how to stand their ground when needed, practice self-care, and know when to ask for help.

Team Building/Team Effectiveness: Created to explore individual & overall team effectiveness: enhancement of mentor/mentee skills, communication, cohesion, development of conflict resolution and understanding of roles and responsibilities
This is Me!- LGBTIQA+: To explore issues and strengths around the LGBTIQA+

Trail Ride Lesson Experience

BASIC • Want to reduce some stress? Maybe you have ridden before, or maybe this is your first time. Climb up on one of our beautiful horses and feel your stress melt away! Learn how to create a bond with your horse as you ride through wooded trails. Ride privately or join up with a friend. 75 minutes

COUPLES • The “Couples Trail Ride” can fall anywhere on the friendship/romantic spectrum. The beautiful woods and bucolic surroundings set the ambiance for just about any adventure. Getting engaged? Want to celebrate something? Cowboying up? The ride comprises 75 minutes in the saddle that can be followed up with a wine & cheese picnic on the deck or meditation garden.

PARENT & CHILD RIDE • Ever wish you and your son/daughter could just unplug, literally? Let us take you on a peaceful yet invigorating trail ride through our winding trails as someone else captures those precious moments! Up to 3 riders

BETWEEN COWGIRLS • Take a friend on a riding experience through private trails and beautiful vistas. Channel your inner cowgirl. Stop along the way, tie up your horses and indulge in a customized surprise in the woods. This is created for those women and girls who like to laugh, challenge themselves on multiple levels and are open to whatever comes up. We will ask you to share some thoughts with us prior to your booking so that we may craft something meaningful. 75minutes

Pricing available upon request for all packages.

For more information about Berkshire HorseWorks located in Richmond, please visit our website at