Roxy the Unisaurus Teaches Kids How to Celebrate Their Differences

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By Alison Wenger, Lebanon, PA October 11, 2020

As a parent, one of the most important lessons we can teach our kids—even those at a young age—is the importance of being true to yourself. Celebrating the differences that make you YOU.

We’re introducing you to Roxy, a new picture book friend who will help your kids discover this and so much more. In Roxy the Last Unisaurus Rex!, the lovable main character is part awesome dinosaur and part fabulous unicorn. Together, your family will learn what happens when you combine the best parts of each in a story of Jurassic proportions!

Roxy’s bubbly and confident personality, along with her sparkles and rainbows, will give your child a role model to learn from and aspire to be.

Roxy the Last Unisaurus Rex! comes from bestselling author and Instagram superstar Eva Chen with vibrant rainbow watercolor illustrations by Matthew Rivera. Add it to your family bookshelf today!