A Kick'n Movie Marathon with Harvest Snaps Crunchions!

a BBQ love story

By Taylor Staubach, Publisher, Berkshires Macaroni Kid February 8, 2021

Television. Nintendo. Laptop. Tablet. We’ve been making the rounds on all the devices. 

With all of us stuck at home, it seems our options of how to fill the endless hours are limited to one screen or... oh hey, this other screen. 

But since the first of the year, our family movie nights have typically centered around a Harry Potter Movie Marathon. The kiddos get so excited to watch the next movie in the series and I’m happy that we’re finally all together, albeit focused on one screen. 

As a parent, you know what inevitably goes hand in hand with people staring at screens?

Snacks. And more snacks. And yea, you guessed it, more snacks. And it’s not like healthy, plant-based snacks that the kids (and husband) will actually eat are easy to find. 

Enter Harvest Snaps Crunchions. Our snack-problems were solved before the movie even began.

I handed over a bag full of crunchy goodness, feeling guilt-free and knowing that my kids were about to enjoy a treat that's number #1 ingredient was red lentils. Little did they know that those lentils were filled to the brim with good-for-them nutrients. I love that they’re a healthier baked snack and my kids don’t have to worry about wiping any oil off on my couch cushions. 

So everyone watched the movie, enjoying their Crunchions, quietly and contentedly until it was time to go to sleep...


Two minutes in and the bickering began in earnest. What was it about you ask? My son, our in-house barbeque connoisseur (Seriously. He puts it on everything.), was bogarting the bag of Kick’n BBQ rings!

I’m an SCO fan myself, that’s Sour Cream & Onion for those less in the know, so Calbee had me covered. But while my husband was getting romantic with a bag of Tangy Sweet Chili rings (they’re uniquely satisfying), I was breaking up a literal Kick’n BBQ brawl. I don’t think kicking is an actual side effect of eating these delicious, gluten-free snacks, but maybe just in our house. 

With rings doled out equally, peace was restored and we went onwards with our movie marathon. As usual, I fell asleep half-way through, but not before I added more Crunchions to my cart on Amazon

Disclosure: Calbee Crunchions provided me with product for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are my own.