Take the Tech Outside With BNRC's Berkshire Trails App

By Berkshire Family Hikes March 18, 2021

We believe in the power of spending time outdoors — which usually means putting our phones down and getting out there. But sometimes, having an app at your fingertips can make all the difference. Did you know that there is an app exclusively catered to the trails of the Berkshires? Berkshire Natural Resources Council created the free Berkshire Trails App for iOs and Android. The ad-free directory is made possible by donor funding, and all BNRC reserves are free to use because of donors! The Feigenbaum Foundation has been a huge supporter of the app, which reads more like a Berkshire guidebook than another piece of software. For us, it's been a game-changer and made our life in the outdoors more educational, accessible, and just plain awesome!

With an easily searchable database of over 60 Berkshire properties (and more to come!), you'll be hard-pressed not to find a new adventure every day. The BNRC app includes properties spanning the 11,000 acres of Berkshire Natural Resources Council owned land, as well as lands owned and conserved by organizations like The Trustees of Reservations, The Bidwell House & Museum, Williamstown Rural Lands Foundation, and the DCR. 

The Berkshire Trails App makes it easy for you to find trailheads and see the overall path of the trail including endpoints and divergent trails. It also shows you relevant trail information like trail length, difficulty, hazards, and points of interest, so that you are properly informed and prepared to head out onto a trail before doing so. The app provides rich, detailed descriptions of trails, beautiful images, and videos and search filters to help you sort adventures by recreation type, accessibility, parking, and water features. Here are some of the other great features:

  • Detailed information on trail systems and properties
  • Includes all BNRC properties and selected partners
  • Recommended hikes for all types of trekkers
  • Choose hikes based on distance and difficulty
  • Featured activities for all BNRC properties
  • Real-time navigation to trail entrances
  • Share hikes with friends
  • Local restaurants and hotels
  • Offline Map Save Functionality

As a mom, I feel like I'm constantly trying to yank my children's attention away from technology, but the Berkshire Trails app combines tech and nature in a way that fosters an appreciation and a love of outdoor activities. It's also a great learning tool! Technology is the  "T" part of S.T.E.M., and learning to read a map, understand GPS tracking, compass reading & wayfinding, are all educational skills every child should learn. Getting the kids outdoors isn't always easy and there are plenty of occasions that I hear more groans than cheers about going for a hike. Asking them to help choose our adventure puts them in control and they feel motivated, empowered, and involved. 

To download the BNRC Berkshire Trails App, visit the AppStore, or visit

Berkshire Natural Resources Council, 20 Bank Row, Pittsfield.