5 Reasons We Love February in the Berkshires

From Groundhog Day to Valentine's Day there's lots of fun packed into the shortest month of the year

By Berkshires Macaroni Kid January 30, 2024

Happy February in the Berkshires! It's a month of celebrating the love of your life ... whether that be a partner, a child, or ... pizza. Read on for five ways we're having fun this month in the Shire.

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1. Go crazy for the groundhog

Will he or won't he? Today is the day we find out if the groundhog sees his shadow! No matter if he does or not, celebrate the season in the Berkshires by heading out on a hike to spend some time outside! Looking for a spot to get outdoors? Click HERE.

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2. Cheer on Usher! 

... and the football game too, of course! Looking for the perfect food for Super Bowl Sunday? We'll be trying to decide if we should order from Ye Olde Forge (Wings, DUH), Cim's or PortaVia.

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3. Spreading the love

Happy Valentine's Day Berkshire County! Plan a special date night or stay home with the kids. Order out a pizza and check out these ways to celebrate together.

  Sydney Troxell from Pexels

4. National Pizza Day

Oh pizza, how we love you. Let us count the ways: Cheese, pepperoni, anchovy, pineapple... we could go on, but you get the idea. Here are my family's three favorite pizza spots in the Berkshires. What are yours?

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5. Count those birds!

We're looking forward to adding the feathered friends who visit our bird feeders to the Great Backyard Bird Count! The goal of the annual Great Backyard Bird Count, a citizen science project, is to count as many birds as participants can find, and report those findings.

Want to participate? It's easy! Here's how: Decide where you will watch birds. Watch birds for 15 minutes or more. Count them! You can report back using the Merlin Bird ID app. 

We love that you can do this at home with kids, but you can also take your bird counting on the road in the Berkshires! You can find some great places for birdwatching in the Berkshires here: