Parent's Eye Review โ€” Ready, Set, Play!

Berkshire County's ONLY Indoor Playground

By Berkshires Macaroni Kid January 26, 2023

You'll be hard-pressed to find a place indoors in Berkshire County where kids are encouraged to just let loose — that is until this past October, when Ready, Set, Play entered the scene. 

Our friends Melissa and Ken Fawcett of the family-favorite Ready, Set, Learn Preschool recently opened their new venture, Ready, Set, Play just in time for a bustling winter season. The indoor playground is centrally located in Pittsfield, offering a warm, fun, and safe place for kids to play all year round. Ready, Set, Play has been a popular and welcome addition to the family-friendly options in the Berkshires. 

Since it's opening, our family has visited three separate times, once to play and twice for birthday celebrations. The kids enjoy it so much, we held our daughter's 6th birthday here!

The space contains two main play areas, one for the smaller set and one for older kids. The toddler area is all about physical play. Large play structures. Slides. Tunnels to climb through. Mock stores and space to run. They have a slide just perfect for a first time slider. And it’s a gated area, allowing caregivers to keep a watchful eye on the little ones. 

Surrounding the area are several tables for parents to sit and still keep an eye on the their kids, but while we were there, I saw a lot of parents joining their children in the play space.

Equally fun for the big kids, a massive play structure is the main play point. It has slides, rope obstacles, ball pits, and plenty to climb and tumble over. Younger kids may enter this area with careful adult supervision. I really like that they have staff members inside the structure keeping an eye on things and picking up behind the kids. The staff here is very friendly and always on top of monitoring the play area. This is the only indoor play areas I've seen where staff actively walks through the structure to ensure that everyone is playing nicely and safely.

This area is also surrounded by benches and tables, offering plenty of space for caregivers to sit and observe, even chat with a friend while the kids are fully occupied.

Juxtaposed in the middle are a variety of arcade-style games. The kids love to play the different games when they need a break from running around. You do need to purchase and load a game card to play. Ready, Set, Play also offers a cafe onsite, so you can finally enjoy a hot cup of coffee in (relative) peace.

What we love MOST about Ready, Set, Play is their Birthday Party options. It takes all the work and planning out of a party and the kids have a blast! There are multiple rooms just off of the main play structure already set up and ready to go. RSP provides all you need in party supplies, including water for your number of guests and a Birthday Star t-shirt for the birthday guest. You can bring in outside food — we opted for cupcakes and some snacks — and the staff cleans up everything at the end of your time. The kids were barely in the room, they were too busy playing their hearts out! And it's just enough time to sneak in the happy birthday song and some photos. My daughter said her favorite thing was bouncing on the trampoline with all her friends!

It's important to keep in mind that parties are booked for two hour blocks and on busy weekends you do not have the ability to go in early and set up or stay past your allotted time. The staff are so friendly and helpful and kept us updated when it was getting close to our time to wrap up. Families are welcome to continue to their play after the room rental is up!

We really like and appreciate how seriously they take safety and cleanliness seriously at RSP. The staff is attentive and the space is wiped down and sanitized daily with a disinfectant fogging machine, including using a ball pit cleaning machine that vacuums up the balls to disinfect them. Ready, Set, Play is also a great option for field trips and homeschoolers, offering a group rate — be sure to ask about Group Rates when booking. 

Ready, Set, Play is an exceptional addition to the Berkshires. Here you'll find a no-fail way to entertain the kids (without screens!), space to get some energy out, and so much more! We'll be back for another birthday party next weekend, but you'll most likely find us there beforehand, enjoying some mid-week fun!

If You Go: Cost of admission for the day for children between the ages 1 and 17 is $17.95, although the recommended ages are 2 to 12. Adults are $3.95, and infants and seniors are free. Socks are required for both play spaces and available to purchase for $3.95. Bring them back to use for your next session! 

Families are allowed to leave the playground and return that same day with no added cost as long as they are still wearing the wristband. The playground also offers a 10-ticket children's package for $150.

Ready, Set, Play, 675 Merrill Road, Pittsfield. (413) 344-4228

Monday – Thursday  10:30am – 6:30pm

Friday – Saturday  10:30am – 8:00pm

Sunday  10:30am – 7:00pm

*Admissions Desk Closes One Hour Earlier*