New StoryWalk® at the Born Learning Trail in Dalton

Pinegrove Park's newest addition

By Berkshires Macaroni Kid November 15, 2023

Get ready to embark on a journey of whimsical exploration at Pinegrove Park in Dalton, where the recently unveiled Born Learning Trail beckons children and families into a realm of interactive play and imaginative discovery! This enchanted path, birthed from a national campaign by United Way, winds through ten stations adorned with vibrant sidewalk illustrations, a testament to communal creativity.

Wendy Provencher, the trail's visionary and the Central Berkshire Regional School District's family and community engagement coordinator, worked closely with Lori Becker, Victoria Bleier and Nena Kingsley, Dalton mom's who volunteered their time to help complete the project.

Born in 2005, the Born Learning Trail is a cherished feature across the United States as well as Berkshire County, inviting families to meander through activities like "Pretend to move like an animal" and "Make up silly stories or songs." Amidst this whimsy, Pinegrove Park also hosts a captivating StoryWalk, featuring the literary work of local author Stacey Supple. 

Collaborating with the Friends of the Dalton Library, the project secured $5,000 to establish permanent StoryWalk boards along the path, transforming books into an immersive experience, a fusion of literature and nature for families and children to relish.

This harmonious convergence of creativity and community spirit unfolds as a collaborative tapestry woven by the school district, Berkshire United Way, the town of Dalton, L.P. Adams, Dalton CRA, Dalton Benefit Association. Additional support from the Families First program, backed by the state Department of Early Education and Care, played a pivotal role in bringing this enriching project to fruition.

Pinegrove Park, freshly adorned with the Born Learning Trail and StoryWalk, stands not just as a physical space but as a testament to the alchemy of collaboration, offering families an immersive haven for learning, play, and profound connection.

To see the latest news, including the current StoryWalk® on view, visit and exploring the CFCE website.

Pinegrove Park, High Street, Dalton.