5 Ways To Celebrate the Phenomenal Women In Your Life

March is Women's History Month

By Rachelle Nelson, publisher of Macaroni KID Smyrna Vinings, Ga. March 19, 2024

Ladies, let’s celebrate! It’s Women’s History Month!

Let's keep the party going all month long, celebrating ourselves and each other! And (wo)man, oh, (wo)man we've got plenty to cheer about – from being hardworking and family-focused to tough as nails, yet nurturing as can be. We're like Go-Go-Gadget Robots, juggling countless roles effortlessly!

We're the ultimate multitaskers – from ride-share operators and culinary wizards to event planners and project managers. We wear so many hats that it's a wonder we don't need hat racks.

While we celebrate the amazing women around us, let's also pay homage to those trailblazers whose contributions shaped our world. It is Women's HISTORY Month after all. The ones who have come before deserve more than just applause. They deserve a standing ovation.

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Here are 5 ways to celebrate the phenomenal women in your life:

  1. Write notes to colleagues or friends expressing your appreciation. 
  2. Host a movie night for your gal pals featuring films directed by women or with female leads. 
  3. Highlight women you admire in your town on social media. Then tag them in it.
  4. Plan a women’s night out to support a locally-owned female-owned business.
  5. Show support for locally-owned women-owned businesses all month long by shopping with them, writing them positive reviews, and spreading the word about them among your circle.

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Celebrate the amazing women in our lives this Women's History Month ... and every month!

Rachelle Nelson is the publisher of Macaroni KID Smyrna Vinings, Ga.