Berkshire Camp Spotlight—Scoil Rince Bréifne Ó Ruairc

By Berkshires Macaroni Kid May 14, 2024

Unlock the rhythm of your heart and the joy of movement this summer with Scoil Rince Bréifne Ó Ruairc's engaging workshops! 

Unleash the Spirit of Tir na nÓg: Preschool-age Workshops

At Scoil Rince Bréifne Ó Ruairc, a passion for dance begins from the very beginning. Introducing Tir na nÓg workshops, specially tailored for the youngest dancers. Led by experienced instructors, these workshops offer a delightful introduction to the world of Irish dance, weaving together movement, music, and imagination. Through playful exploration and gentle guidance, children embark on a magical journey, discovering the rich heritage of Ireland's vibrant dance tradition. With each step, they build confidence, coordination, and a lifelong love for the art form. Join Scoil Rince in cultivating the joy of dance, one graceful leap at a time.

Embark on a Journey with New Lions: Beginner Workshops

Calling all eager adventurers! Are you ready to embark on a thrilling journey into the realm of Irish dance? Look no further than the New Lions workshops, specially designed for brand-new beginners with no prior experience. Led by a certified instructor, these workshops provide a supportive and encouraging environment for aspiring dancers to take their first steps on this exhilarating path. From mastering the basics of footwork to embracing the spirited rhythms of traditional music, participants dive into an immersive learning experience filled with laughter, friendship, and discovery. Whether you dream of dazzling on stage or simply seeking a new way to stay active, the New Lions workshops are the perfect starting point for your dance adventure.

Experience the Magic of Scoil Rince Bréifne Ó Ruairc

Founded and led by the esteemed Jennifer Darby, ODCRN, Scoil Rince Bréifne Ó Ruairc stands as a beacon of excellence in Irish dance education. With a mission to inspire a love for Irish dance and music in all, Scoil Rince welcomes students of all ages and backgrounds to join this vibrant community. From captivating performances to exhilarating competitions, we celebrate the rich heritage of Irish culture with every spirited step. Come, be part of something extraordinary this summer.

Hit the Dance Floor

Ready to embark on your Irish dance journey? With workshops held throughout June, July, and August at the Elks Lodge in Pittsfield, MA, there's never been a better time to embrace the magic of Scoil Rince Bréifne Ó Ruairc. Don't miss your chance to dance, dream, and discover with this summer. Let the adventure begin!

Visit the workshop information and registration page at to secure your spot today! For inquiries and further information, email or call at 413-684-8176.

Elks Lodge
27 Union St, Pittsfield, MA