Saint Agnes Academy Preschool

30 Carson AvenueDalton, MA 01226
Phone: (413) 684-3143Email: rfleury@saintagnescc.comWebsite: Visit Website Google Map

Saint Agnes Academy has been voted the best private school in Berkshire for two consecutive years and the streak continues. We have attained the highest level rating for both foundation and program standards, as accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. 

We have a lot to be proud of, but what makes us most proud is our safe and welcoming environment, near-perfect attendance, sophisticated STEM and Unified Arts programs, and our students' exceptional performance.

Our nurturing Preschool program provides a loving, caring and explorative learning environment. Through play form our children discover a true love of learning, expanding their natural curiosity of the world around them. Program highlights and topic introductions include:

  • Communications: children learn how to observe and use appropriate group interactions while actively participating in discussions, listening to others’ ideas, and sharing personal experiences/interests.
  • Literature: children are exposed to a wide variety of age-appropriate literature read aloud, developing letter familiarity and awareness, and improving auditory skills to identify and manipulate language. Play experiences enhance language use such as in word naming, sorting and rhyming. National figures and holidays are discussed to understand their celebration purpose.
  • Science, Technology & Engineering: by asking and seeking out answers to questions about objects and events, children learn to make predictions about changes in materials/objects, while identifying and using simple tools to extend their observations. Through various hands-on projects children learn about the earth and life sciences as well as their environment.