Berkshire HorseWorks, Inc.

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Berkshire HorseWorks is a 7-acre private ranch that provides therapeutic equine-assisted programming alongside fun, family-friendly outdoor activities with horses. The ranch has a dual focus on horse-centric mental health and wellness services, utilizing the transformative power of horses to facilitate change.

The interaction between people and horses has long been known to be the basis for personal growth and exploring group dynamics; Berkshire HorseWorks utilizes the proven, effective and powerful techniques of EAGALA Model of Equine-Assisted Learning (EAL), Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) and Equine-Assisted Team Building to provide hope and healing to those in Berkshire county and beyond.

All EAGALA programs are ground-based, experiential and predicated on cognitive behavioral therapy. EAP addresses a broad spectrum of mental and behavioral challenges including ADD, depression, eating disorders, anxiety, substance abuse, relationship problems and effective communication.

Covid-Safe Experiential Learning:

All Berkshire HorseWorks' programming is being offered in a Covid-Safe environment, complete with social distancing, hand sanitizer, and masks.

Through EAGALA model Equine-Assisted Learning, teachers and parents can provide their students with safe and effective hands-on tools designed to help the youth of all levels succeed in school, learning more effectively. Customized programs are available for homeschoolers, pods, remote learning for individuals or any-size group.

Wellness Programming:

To best serve the needs of our Berkshire community and beyond, Berkshire HorseWorks has added a range of fun, family-friendly wellness activities to its seasonal offerings. Trail Ride Lesson Experiences, Hikes with Horses, Free-Range Donkey Play, Pony Painting, Yoga at the Ranch, Art at the Ranch, Rose at the Ranch and more provide families, couples and individuals with outdoor adventures designed to excite, inspire and connect. Many options, such as Trail Ride Lesson Experiences and Free-Range Donkey Play, are available year-round, by appointment. Proceeds will go directly towards supporting the ranch's therapeutic offerings.

Team building and Leadership:

Horse and human are brought together to address a range of challenges and learning goals. Led by EAGALA trained and certified professionals, the Berkshire HorseWorks™ approach is extremely effective in motivating a corporation’s sales force or cultivating anti-bullying techniques in schools. Sessions can be applied to a wide range of situations:

• Defining how employees can work as a team toward a common goal such as increased productivity or landing a new client.

• Working with staff to adapt to a company’s new management style.

• Helping struggling students deal with bullying at school or issues at home.

• Navigating cultural differences and cultivating empathy.

• Assisting military personnel and vets with PTSD to reintegrate into their families and community.

• Providing support to adolescents and adults with drug and alcohol abuse issues.

Why Horses?

These intuitive animals are able to read and mirror the emotions and energy of the individuals, couples or groups around them, providing vast opportunities for metaphorical learning. Participants gain awareness and are able to make positive changes in their lives.

The healing power of the horse/human interaction is evidence-based and well documented. The EAGALA Model is a collaboration between an equine specialist, a licensed mental health professional and horses working with you and your team.

Berkshire HorseWorks’ programs offer the tools to cope, heal, compete, challenge, communicate, lead, empathize and thrive in today’s stressful world. We bring the amazingly powerful modality of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Equine Assisted Learning to the community to help augment, in a new way, the wellness and vitality of one's own heart, the heart and soul of others, and the heart of our vibrant workforce.

Berkshire HorseWorks™ is located on a beautiful 7-acre ranch surrounded by the beautiful Berkshire Mountains, complete with winding forest trails, an organic garden, an outdoor yoga space and a meditation garden.